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Top 5 Chevrolet Cargo Accessories That You Should Have

People who own Chevrolet cars have several options from going to work to touring around the country. The right cargo accessories will help you make the most out of your Chevy vehicle and make your life easier.

In this regard, Mountain Home Chevrolet accessories has a variety of quality additions to upgrade your car’s usefulness. Below are the top five Chevrolet cargo accessories that you should consider to maximize your storage capacity and driving experience.

Cargo Net

A cargo net is a must-have accessory for organizing and preventing items from shifting in the trunk. A cargo net can be used for keeping groceries, sports equipment, or luggage from moving during transportation. Chevrolet also provides you with cargo nets made to fit your vehicle and cargo space which are easy to install and remove.

Why do You Need It?

  • Ensures that items are not displaced
  • They are easy to install and remove.
  • Custom-fit for Chevrolet models

Cargo Liner

A cargo liner is one of the most essential Chevrolet accessories when it comes to preserving the cargo area of your vehicle from dust, stains, and damage. Chevrolet’s cargo liners are perfectly tailored to fit in your car’s trunk or cargo area. They are made of sturdy materials that are easy to clean and serve as a protector against mud, water, and other debris.

Why do You Need It?

  • Prevents damage to the cargo area
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Custom-fit for maximum coverage

Roof Rack Cross Rails

Roof rack cross rails are a lifesaver for those who require additional storage space. These rails enable one to accommodate large items such as kayaks, bicycles, or extra baggage that will not fit in the car. Chevrolet cross rails are constructed to be lightweight and offer a slip-free attachment system for various cargo carriers for the rooftop.

Why do You Need It?

  • Increases storage capacity
  • Suitable for transporting heavy or large things
  • Easy installation and removal

Underseat Storage Organizer

An under-seat storage organizer is ideal for the underutilized space under car seats. This accessory is perfect for placing items like tools, emergency kits, and personal items out of sight but not out of reach. The under-seat organizers from Chevrolet are engineered to fit and stay in place.

Why do You Need It?

  • Utilizes under-seat space efficiently
  • Keeps items tidy and within easy reach
  • Custom-fit for a smooth look

Hitch-Mounted Cargo Carrier

The use of a hitch-mounted cargo carrier is a good option for heavy hauling requirements. This accessory connects to the rear hitch of your Chevrolet which provides extra cargo space for items that are too large to fit in the vehicle.

Hitch-mounted carriers are best suited for road trips and camping where you need to carry bulky items like coolers and extra luggage.

Why do You Need It?

  • Provides extra cargo space
  • Perfect for heavy-duty hauling
  • Easy to install and uninstall


Selecting the right cargo accessories for your Chevrolet can increase the efficiency and practicality of your vehicle. These accessories include cargo nets that keep the items in place and roof racks that increase the volume of space available. You should invest in the above-mentioned top five Chevrolet cargo accessories to get you ready for any trip and have your vehicle in good condition.

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