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Essential Motorbike Tools for Your Toolbox

Over time, investments in tools pay for themselves. The price of the tools should not deter you as you do not have to purchase them all at once. As you learn new maintenance techniques, you can add more tools because you are still learning. Let’s start by talking about the most popular tools used for maintenance on motorcycles.

Tire pressure monitor

Perhaps one of the top motorcycle tools (เครื่องมือจักรยานยนต์, this is the term in Thai) items in your motorbike repair toolkit is this one. Tire pressure gauges come in a variety of styles, ranging from the low-cost pencil model to high-precision analog or digital professional gauges. In the end, greater accuracy is preferable. Although they might be pricey, high-quality gauges are a sensible investment. You must consider pricing when making your choice.

A compressor or tire inflator

Purchasing a tire inflator with sufficient pressure to inflate your tires to the recommended level of inflation is the least expensive alternative. A compressor that can power air tools and motorbike lifts in addition to inflating tires is a more costly, but more durable and beneficial, choice.


Included in a high-quality screwdriver kit are Phillips and flat heads, shafts and handles of various lengths. Magnetic tips are an added bonus with a variety of tip sizes. Angle screwdrivers can also be a helpful addition to your screwdriver collection.

Wrench sets

Combination wrenches are the most useful type of wrench. These come with a closed or boxed end and an open end. The offset wrench, which enables you to work with recessed fasteners, is another helpful variety. With the help of this vintage wrench, you can feel the fastener more clearly and have a direct connection to it.

Hex keys

A simple set of L-shaped hex keys with both long and short lengths is a nice place to start. Although they are small and useful for toolkits that are portable, folding multi-key sets may be a trade-off when it comes to torque application. Additionally, hex keys can be purchased as sets or as individual sockets.

Wrench for oil filters

A wrench is required to remove an old oil filter, even though new ones can usually be hand-tightened. Your motorcycle’s filter and its position should be your main considerations when selecting an oil filter wrench. These wrenches may be strap-style, socket-style, or even plier-style.

Pan for collecting oil

Select an oil catch pan that will fit beneath the motorcycle where the filter and drain plug are located. To remove the drain plug or filter, it should be easy to squeeze your gloved hand between the motorcycle and the oil catch pan. The catch pan’s capacity ought to be sufficient to accommodate more oil than your motorcycle can hold.

A stand for motorcycles

Many motorcycles simply have a side stand as standard equipment. Center stands are helpful since several motorcycle maintenance tasks are better and easier when the motorcycle is upright. An extensive assortment of aftermarket stands is accessible. For some, you might need to equip your motorcycle with adapters. Make sure the center stand you opt to buy is made to fit your motorcycle. When putting a motorcycle on a stand, proceed with extreme caution since misuse could result in harm or damage to the vehicle.

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