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Safety Features in the 2025 Ford Explorer Active 4WD: What You Need to Know

Want to explore the world behind the 2025 Ford Explorer Active 4WD? You would wish to be secure and confident. That is why it is a good option to check out the safety features of the 2025 Ford Explorer Active 4WD. The vehicle packs in a host of a robust suite of safety features. These features help you drive safely. The high-end technology used in the vehicle makes it the right choice to go with.

Standard Shield: A Safety Net of Features

There are outstanding standard features on the 2025 Ford Explorer Active 4WD. These features should provide you access to an excellent protection against the accidents. You can check out these features at your nearest Flagstaff Ford dealer.

Some highlighted safety features on the vehicle would include

  • AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control (RSC) – This helps you maintain vehicle in control during sharp turns. It also helps you in unexpected turns. This prevents possible rollovers.
  • Blind Spot Information System – The feature with a cross traffic alert uses radar sensors. It is used to detect vehicles in your blind spot. This helps you prevent potential collisions while changing lanes. It also alerts you when backing out of parking spots.
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW) with Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) – The feature uses a camera to detect unintentional lane drifting. It alerts you with a warning. LKA brings you back into your lane if you move away.
  • Forward Collision Warning and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) – This safety feature is used to detect potential frontal collisions. It prevents collision with slower vehicles or stationary objects ahead. It can warn you about the danger or can even automatically apply brakes. It will avoid the collision or reduce the impact of the collision.
  • SOS Post-Crash Alert System – The system activates the hazard lights and horn after a crash. This will also alert the first responders about your location. That way, you can get an immediate and emergency care.

Additional Safety Layers (Optional Packages)

You can get in touch with your local Flagstaff Ford dealership to check out and opt for the additional optional safety options. They will help you choose the features you need.

Some of these options include

  • Co-Pilot360™ Assist – These features are in addition to the standard features. They can include options like Evasive Steering Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go.
  • Active Park Assist 2.0 – This helps you effortlessly park your car. It uses ultrasonic sensors to guide you through proper parking.

The 2025 Ford Explorer Active 4WD is designed to provide you with an outstanding experience when it comes to safety features and practicing safe driving habits. Of course, the standard pack of features themselves offers an array of outstanding options, but in addition, you can choose the optional feature as well.

However, just because you have the outstanding safety features, you need not and should not deviate from responsible driving. Use the power of technology to achieve better safety, but make sure that you are following the safety norm expected from a responsible driver.


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